Introducing the Ovision underwater housing for iPhone

We are proud to introduce our new housing for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. This housing will let you bring your iPhone to new depths.Take it with you while snorkeling, diving or when you are in harsh environment...

  • All OVISION housing are hand-assembled and checked before they ship out. We do this to make sure every customer receives the highest quality product

    Our Products

    Iphone Underwater housing

    Our Products


    iPhone Underwater Housing

    The Ovision housing have been designed to transform your iPhone into an professional underwater video/photo camera.

    Compatible with iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C


    Aluminium Grip

      Our aluminum grip gives you more stability while shooting video and taking photos.Our grip features an additional ¼-20 threaded hole on the bracket for mounting possibilities.



    Red Flip Filter


      Red filters add the red/orange colors that are not present when you shoot at a certain depth. Our filter can flip so you can use it when needed and when you're in shallow waters where the light is good, you can flip it off.



    Ovision App

      The Ovision application gives you a much better experience while you use your Ovision underwater housing. The application let you switch between video and photo modes and also review your shots within the playback mode. You can also enter sleep mode and save battery life by pressing any button for 3 seconds. Our application is fully functionnal and we just got approval by Apple and the app is now available on the App store.

      You can download it here.


    Ovision featured


    "The underwater housing, to me, was designed with simplicity, ease of use, and protection in mind."

    ''I’ve been using a GoPro for my occasional underwater filming needs, but the Ovision is a solid option for divers that want to bring their iPhones along.''


    "When we received our review sample of the Ovision underwater iPhone case, the level of craftsmanship really encouraged us to get our hands wet while keeping the phone dry"

    "The first impression: A trustworthy house to place my phone. I didn’t have any concerns putting my $600 phone underwater in this housing.."


    "Utilizing the mechanical buttons and a dedicated app, users can then switch between photo and video mode, start and stop recording, and review footage or stills."


    About Ovision

    We know that quality products and quality customer service result in a successful partnership between us and our customers...

    OVISION is a new and small company that focuses on quality of its products and service. We manufacture iPhone housings to let scuba enthousiasts bring their underwater memories to the surface. We are currently the first manufacturer to come out with a solid ''housing'' for iPhone 5's. We try to constantly innovate by creating products that will meet or exceed customer's demand.

    Our Mission

    OVISION's mission is to provide high quality products that fit the needs of customers. We are resoluted to constantly innovate so we can deliver the best products on the market. We use the latest softwares for designing the products and the latest machinery to machine products from solid aluminum blocks.

    Our Customer Commitment

    Since OVISION is a very small company, we are very close to customers. We try to accomodate most customer's wishes by delivering good and personalized customer service. Also, we will always try to meet customers's demand while designing new products because the users know what they like to use.

    Still have questions, get back to us!